Milwaukee Contra

2023 upcoming dances

6/7/23 Humboldt Ave construction update for 6/8 dance, easier than ever!!
Recommendation from the south on I-43: Take Locust Ave exit, head north a couple of blocks to Burleigh (straight on 7th, or left on Fratney works if you're already heading east on Locust). Right on Burleigh, cross the newly-paved (future southbound) two lanes of Humboldt at the stoplight, turn left on the paved (future northbound) Humboldt. In one block, turn right on the un-street-signed Auer Ave. (Left turns from Locust to Humboldt are prohibited due to construction.)

Recommendation from the north on I-43: (Signs indicate that the Locust Ave bridge over I-43 will be closed longterm at 6 pm June 8, dance day. ) Exit at Silver Spring), head east to Port Washington Rd south,  then exit to Capitol Ave east. Then right onto Humboldt. Turn left onto the un-signed Auer Ave, one block before the stoplight at Burleigh.

Recommendation from the east on Locust: Turn right on Humboldt - right turn is open!!

Thanks for coming!!!

2nd and 4th Thursdays , January thru June 8.
7-9 pm, instruction for all at 6:30. Cost $10.

June 8: Harmonium
Milwaukee Friends Meeting House, 3224 N. Gordon Place, Milwaukee, WI

COVID Protocols changes starting 3/9/23: Please be vaccinated against COVID-19 and willing to EITHER 1) wear a mask  OR 2) provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test performed within 3 hours of the dance.

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Our callers teach and call with non-gendered language.  We strive to be welcoming.

If this is your first time with us, please arrive early to complete contact information, show proof of COVID vaccination, and sign waiver. Effective 3/9/23, EITHER 1) wear a mask OR 2) provide evidence of a negative COVID test performed within 3 hours of the dance.

Other Area Contra Dances
June 10, Saturday: 7:30-10 pm, instruction at 7 w/Resurrections Marys and Jo Mortland. Delafield 1st Saturday Contra Dance Facebook linkPrairie Hill Waldorf School, Delafield. (Park out back by the gym.)